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Business efficiency

Quaestus Performance

We all want to increase business efficiency, and Quaestus Performannce is our way to help You succeed in change management and build success during the process of efficiency gain and financial growth, with the kind of commitment You did not expect to emerge. This is our way as a performance consultant to bring  business performance at its best. The concept is fairly simple which also is its true success criteria. Yes, there is lots of complex issues and we provide the tools needed to deal with these issues. We have also incorporated parts of the thoughts in "performance prism" into Quaestus Performance, and the concept is in continues development. 

We tend to simplify even the most complex scenarios to gain an understunding of the situations from all the participants.

Make the right decisions and deliver due to Your true capacity



Sales is all about how You intend to sell Your services on the market; personal direct sales, using value added resellers, partners, the web and so on.

What kind of sales organization, sales support and sales process would be the best to serve Your strategy.


Marketing is indeed a broad subject, communication, channel strategy and all the great ways to buzz and  debate in social media and traditional media such as newspapers and nonfiction

The Offer

What is the offer or proposition?

The essence of Your business. If people don´t understund, You have failed to communicate the value You could provide. We all consume to achieve value. Value has a different currency to everyone due to its context which strangely  enough often tends to be forgotten in business.

Offers and propositions of today contain a mixture of products and services that will provide a certain value to its clients.

And most companies need to enhance their message to attract their target market and bring the expectations to an accurate level that they themselves can meet or even exceed. At the end of the day, You still need to define what makes You unique and differentiate You from Your competitors.

Support services

Support services is one of the most important functions in a company, often left behind due to "cost". But this is where companies really can strengthen the brand and build trust and credibility.  

Business model

Your business model should explain how You will finance and profit the business idea, and how You intend to grow and develop competitive products and services.

Your business idea will not come true without the focus of a business model that support Your vision and strategy. Successful companies know that they continuously have to update their business model in order to stay competitive


The team, processes and support systems that realize the offer within the business model is what we refer to as the process. The systems usually contain several separate tools to leverage the benefits of the services in the most effective way to bring value to the organization and the clients.  

- Set the conditions for business efficiency & customer experience -

- Quaestus Performance -

Your Business Acceleration Enabler

Part of the success of Quaestus Performance concept comes from our "matrix of tempus", making client value and customer experience part of the core business.

We are happy to tell You more about Quaestus Performance and what it could do for You and Your company/organisation, especially if You are responsible for the outcome of your efforts.

Call us at +46 40 60 60 565 or send us an email at: and tell us when You would like to be contacted.

Välkommen Om oss Quaestus Performance Kundupplevelse Säljresultat Interim Management Kontakt
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