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Quaestus Affärsutveckling

Better business faster!

Quaestus is latin and is mainly translated into skill for profit or source of profit (gaining).

Affärsutveckling is Swedish för business development. Then it should be pretty obvius what we do, or? Well, we help companies make better business faster.

Business Innovation or Better business to us is about efficiency and customer experience. Innovation for CX and efficiency drives profit and competition.

Are Your Business Model prepared for the demands of Costumer eXperience?

Customer Experience or CX is a vital part, or even one of the most important factors, to gain business success. When products and services are very similar and provided with equally good quality, you have to find a way to integrate and explore CX in an efficient business model. 

Your company has to be more efficient in its communication and the way it acquires clients, deal with support tickets, delivery, services and so on, and the company will have an advantage over competitors. With higher margins at each sell, you can increase Your marketing effort, and/or lower the price in the deals that really demands You to do so. Deposit a part of the profit for business model development with product/services development that incorporates costumer experience and embrace user experience to insure you lead ahead of competitors.

To us Business Development starts with Business Model Development, some may call it Business Model Innovation.

In order to make succes happen, You need the tools to make Your ideas come true in an efficient way.

We are Your partner and we will supply You with the necessary tools, with the ability to help You to choose, or even build, the necessary systems to fulfill the task of efficient business development. 


The most efficient partner in result improvement

Quaestus Affärsutveckling was founded in Skåne, the southern part of Sweden with Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg as a base for assignments in the Nordics.   (That´s why most of the website is in Swedish)

We have also entered the international market through our partners. Do not hesitate to contact us we are here to help You make Your business even more successful. And one part of our client´s success is the possibilities that IT, smart phones and tablets has enabled in conjunction with our Business model development efforts. User behaviour and experience is in the frontline, before even moving in to technical solutions that may be part of the business model.

Our Motto:

- Long term relationship - Trust - Meet and excceed demands, the market and the global challenges that we all have to face, and act on with great responsibility.

Our clients appreciate our skills in;  

  • Business model development
  • ​Project development
  • Process development
  • ​Strategy
  • Sales management
  • Customer experience (CX)
  • Mobile & cloud services

Business model, leadership and IT in tune makes the result come true


Välkommen Om oss Quaestus Performance Kundupplevelse Säljresultat Interim Management Kontakt
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